Equity Monaco

Equity Monaco lets you easily conduct Monte Carlo Simulation for trading systems. Monte Carlo Simulation performs trial runs using combination of positions from your trading system and collects statistics. You can use the statistics to analyze the characteristics of your trading systems.

Monte Carlo Simulation does not have to be hard to use.

In Equity Monaco setting up a simulation is easy. Simply fill in the position source, a set of basic parameters and hit the Start button, and you already have your first simulation.

Extensive Reporting

Equity Monaco meets all your reporting need. Standard reporting includes:

  • Terminal Equity Distribution
  • Terminal Profit Distribution
  • Maximum Drawn Downs (dollar and percentage)
  • Maximum Win and Loss Runs
  • Worst Equity
  • Equity Curves
  • Position Data


Comprehensive Simulation Control

Equity Monaco provides a comprehensive set of controls to let you fine tune your simulation. From Position Data Preprocessing to Position Sizing Methods, the possibility is unlimited.


Free – Sponsored by NeoTicker®

Equity Monaco is available free of charge.

Equity Monaco is designed to work seamlessly with NeoTicker®, the best technical analysis platform in the market today.

It is recommended you use Equity Monaco with NeoTicker®, although Equity Monaco will work with most modern trading programs that can output position files.