Tick Precise Technology

Classic technical analysis emphazes on the use of indicators, drawing tools, etc. to highlight and summarize the information on a chart. Decision making becomes a simplified process of looking into these summaries, as oppose to the details that formed the price data series in the first place.

Tick Level Data Analysis is Now a Necessity

As intraday price actions and program trading activities keep increasing, traders can no longer depends on such tools only due to the inherited weaknesses in these tools as they lag behind the price movements significantly when a market goes wild.

Tick precise technology is invented to allow indicators and tools to be developed so that they can process tick level data and produce summary information that was not possible with just OHLC bars.

Historical Data Generation Made Easy

One of the most difficult tasks in making tick precise indicators is to generate the correct historical indicator values within a chart. Normal chart data are loaded using the user specified information and the data series themselves do not have the tick level information needed by tick precise indicators.

To resolve that you can conduct tick replay on a chart to allow the tick precise indicators to properly generate their historical values directly from the tick data. Historical data and real-time update results can archieve maximum consistencies through this method. Making it possible to design and see how such indicator works on historical data, not just updated on streaming data.

During replay, tick data files are read and ticks (i.e. individual trades and their respective bid and ask updates) are used to reconstruct historical bars, just like real-time. Indicators are triggered on a tick-by-tick basis for recalculation. With tick replay, you can have confidence that your indicators and trading systems will work as expected.

Advantages with Tick Replay on a Single Chart:

  • Tick replay is designed to play unlimited number of days of tick files. NeoTicker® carefully manages computer resources so it is possible to play over 1 month of tick data of multiple symbols into a chart
  • Tick replay is very fast. A single tick file with over half million ticks can be replayed within a minute
  • Tick replay does not interfere with regular real-time tick receiving and processing. You can use tick replay on isolated charts while monitoring the market in real-time