Environment Simulation Technology

Ever imagine that you can replay the markets in front of you tick-by-tick, in the complete real-time trading environment you have created or customized, as if you are replaying a video?

Our environment simulation technology can do exactly that, with advanced features allowing you to play, pause, fast forward market data as if you are replay a video. You can even replay at the smallest possible resolution of one tick at a time (just like replaying video frame by frame).

There are many exciting applications with this useful technology. Here are some examples.

Streamline the Trader Training Process

All forms of attempts to replay the markets exist. From trying to watch a historical chart and scrolling that manually bar by bar from left to right, to simple automation tools adding bars to a chart one bar at a time. Countless number of people has spent millions of hours doing just that, so that they can train themselves without the benefit of peeking into the future on a chart with all the outcomes already presented itself to them.

That helps but not quite enough. Historical chart on a single instrument does not reflect the proper environment, or the setting, when the price series was developed. Short of those information, you are justifying the price actions and behaviour on a chart as if that is the only factor that matters.

Maybe. Maybe not. If you do believe that markets are inter-related and that the scenario at the time an instrument was traded would determine the outcome with greater accuracy, then, replaying the history of a single instrument is not the answer.

Our environment simulation tackle this exact problem by replaying the complete market environment you deem important for your decision making. That means, you can see the markets replay themselves in front of you in concert, as if you are monitoring them in real-time.

Improve the Indicator Design and Development Cycle

When designing a new indicator, one of the major obstacles is making the indicator responsive at the right time under the right condition. Using purely historical data with OHLC bars, the actual real-time development of the indicator values are not available for the indicator designer to verify the stability of their works.

With our technology, indicator developers can replay the data one tick at a time, and check on the behaviour of their work easily.

Efficient Pre-Deployment Analysis of Trading Models

Before a trading model goes live, be that manual order entry or fully automated system, test drive time period has to be spent on monitoring the real-time behaviour of the model, before actual deployment takes place. During such time period, order placement expectations, special situation handling logic, etc. will be added to the model based on potential issues observed during the test drive.

With environment simulation, one can efficiently stress test a trading model, without waiting until the test drive time period to figure out the potential problematic situations. Better model can be built and shorten the time requirement for test drive.