NeoBreadth® Technology

Revolutionize Market Internal Anaylsis

Classic market internal data like advance/decline issues, TICK index, TRIN index, etc., broadcasted by the exchanges, represent statistics on the broad market, not truly correlated to the specific market indices or segments (S&P500, Nasdaq 100, the mining sector, the financial sector, etc.) you are dealing with. Should someone interested in generating these kind of specialized statistics, the task is so tedious, making it difficult for further research advancement in this area.

NeoBreadth® is designed as the solution to this problem. It revolutionizes the whole concept of market internal analysis. Analysts and Market Technicians can now easily collect and generate specialized statistics on multiple baskets of symbols, in real-time. New ideas or research concepts can be done easily as NeoBreadth® can reconstruct the historical data on the special statistics you’ve just created.

Encapsulate Complex Market Dynamics with Compact Formulas

To create your own market statistics, you just need to focus on one thing – the data you are interested to collect and analyze. For example, to collect real-time advance issues data on S&P500, it takes just an one line formula, Last > PrevClose. The rest of the data collection process is then handled by NeoBreadth®.

More complex concepts, including ones you wanted to research into, can be done the same way. You can focus on the idea itself, as oppose to wasting time on worrying about low level issues from connection to data services, data file processing, etc.

Extreme Efficiencies

neobreadth_w320One of the biggest obstacle for real-time market breadth analysis is that the computation load can be stressful for your computer. Most trading platforms simply break down when you make them collecting one or two customized market internals over just a hundred symbols.

That is not a problem at all for NeoBreadth®. NeoBreadth® is part of NeoTicker, our real-time platform designed to handle computations on thousands of symbols efficiently. There is no parallel to this level of efficiencies at all from any other trading software available nowadays.

Versatile Platform Integrations

Data generated with NeoBreadth® can be used within other software easily. For example, you can pull the data out to be used within Excel, or in fact any other software capable of standard Microsoft Windows integration technologies.