Transaction-Oriented Model Technology

NeoTicker® implements trading models in a formal manner. A unified framework handles all trading related activities – trade simulation, trading systems, brokerage interface. This unified framework gives you the ideal balance between ease of use, flexibility and consistency.

Framework Overview

The framework on trading models is divided into three logical elements. All three elements are linked by a common real-time database:


  • Order issuers, e.g. manual order entries, trading systems
  • Order processor, e.g. NeoTicker® Order Processing Engine, interface to real-life broker
  • Queries – system performance viewer, trading systems that rely on results of other trading system
    The database is responsible for storing orders, transactions and positions. The database makes sophisticated queries into trading history possible.

Trading Systems

Simply put, NeoTicker®’s trading system architecture is the most powerful and flexible one in the market today. No other software gives you the combined power and consistency NeoTicker® offers.

NeoTicker® is designed for real-time deployment. Your trading systems will run with the same level of performance in real-time as in historical testing.

In summary, NeoTicker®’s trading system architecture gives you the following benefits:

  • Based on our unique indicator framework – trading systems have access to advanced indicator features such as compress series, tick update, indicator-on-indicator and more
  • You have a variety of ways to implement trading systems, from Backtest EZ where no programming is required, to easy-to-use formulas, to flexible scripting languages and external programs though IDL interface
  • At the point evaluation – it is impossible to accidentally peek into the future and create an unsound trading system
  • Portfolio support for all order commands without explicit symbol switching
  • Query into database to implement order management and dynamically adjust trading systems’ behavior based on trading history

Order Processing Engine

NeoTicker®’s Order Processing Engine processes orders from Trade Simulator and trading systems. The engine supports many order types and provides realistic order filling at tick level.

Order processing generates transactions, which are logged into database so you can easily evaluate trading performance.


  • Maximum consistency between orders filled by different parts of trading framework
  • Tick level processing for historical and real-time tick data
  • Order types supported – fill or kill, day, good ’til cancel
  • Tick level fill type – fill by tick, fill by bid/ask
  • Non-tick level fill types – exact, average or worst price

API for Brokerage Interface

Our team works with brokers to provide interface to place orders from NeoTicker®.

When brokerage interface is enabled, orders are routed to the broker for processing. If the broker provides order status, you have the choice to use the broker’s order status instead of Order Processing Engine for actual filled prices.

System Performance Viewer

System Performance Viewer utilizes the database to query historical trading performance. Because the database logs all orders, transactions and positions, sophisticated query is possible. System Performance Viewer can produce comprehensive trading reports.

Here is a sample list of reports available in System Performance Viewer:

  • Trading summaries for everything in portfolio
  • Order list and distribution
  • Transaction list and trade price distribution
  • Position list and statistics
  • Runs and equity change distributions
  • User defined custom statistics