Multi-Threaded Kernel Technology

Are you having problems with:

  • Dropped ticks
  • Delayed ticks
  • Crashes
  • Lock ups
  • Top-of-the-line computer, mediocre performance

And the problems worsen when you track more symbols? It’s likely that the problems are caused by incompatibilities among your trading platform and your computer.

The Cause

Charting programs originated in 2000s or earlier, were written with old computers in mind. Because personal computers at that era were not good at multi-tasking, early charting programs are single threaded. These programs worked okay in that era because computerized trading was not wide spread and market activities were low.

Fast forward to present. Most traders now trade with computers and specifically, through the Internet. Analysis is done faster. Orders are placed faster. This creates a surge in trading volume. It’s now common for an active stock to generate half million trades per day. Such high trading volume is unprecedented just a few years ago.

Old charting programs, entry-level applications, and bundled solutions are not prepared to handle such extreme volume, period. Problems surface when you needed your application most, like during the time when the market activities is reaching its peak. The symptoms are clear – single threaded (and most badly designed) programs will drop and/or delay ticks. Some even crash.

Buying a faster computer does not solve the problem. The inefficiencies are there within those trading applications, not the computer.

NeoTicker® Advantage

NeoTicker® is a modern multithreaded application designed to handle intensive data load in real-time by fully utilizing the latest CPU technologies. It is created from ground up for real-time intraday charting and data processing.

Most of its peers are developed for end-of-day usage and later modified into processing real-time data, hoping that their applications would still hold up. Existence of such software is an insult to the intelligence of the general public and irresponsibilities of the developers.

To process data the right way, workload has to be spreaded across multiple threads. Each thread should be responsible for a relatively simple task. Because the tasks are simple, the threads practically run simultaneously in real-time.

For effective real-time performance, NeoTicker® has proprietary load balancing technology to ensure every thread is well behaved and consume computer resources in a reasonable manner.

The result is ultra smooth real-time performance only NeoTicker® can deliver.

multi-threadReduce Data Delay

NeoTicker® uses separate threads to handle distribution of ticks.

After the receiving thread receives a tick, the distribution thread takes over almost instantaneously to distribute the tick to individual windows.

Because the time spent on distribution of data is minimized, ticks are rarely delayed, even in the busiest market.

Data Robustness

For each thread, there is a dynamically adjusted queue for buffering data. If the computer is too busy to handle a tick, the tick will be stored in the queue and no data will be lost

Effective Use of Your Hardware Investments

You don’t need a high-end computer to run NeoTicker®. NeoTicker® is very efficient. For average users, a mid-range computer is more than sufficient.

If you require heavy computation, you will be gladed that NeoTicker® can effectively utilize the latest hardware. NeoTicker®’s multithreaded architecture fully utilizes the hardware that is built-on multiple virtual or physical CPU’s. There is a marked performance improvements when you run NeoTicker® on multiple core computers.