Upgrade Policy

Version Number

All TickQuest applications use the same version numbering scheme. All versions are identified by a major version and a minor version. For example, NeoTicker® EOD 1.0 is NeoTicker® EOD, a major version 1, a minor version 0.

TickQuest upgrades its software products to enhance their functionalities or to fix known issues. When TickQuest releases updates to its software products, they will be accompanied by change in version number.

There is no significant meaning when our product changes from one major version number to the next. It simply represents that the product has been updated for enough number of times to get to the next major version number.

Build Number

Build number following the version number is an indication of a maintenance release within the same version release cycle. e.g. NeoTicker version 4.20 Build 40.

Upgrade Policy – Permanent License

Client who purchased our product with version X.Y is provided with free upgrade as long as either one of the conditions below are valid,

1. One (1) full year from the date of purchase or paid upgrade

2. All releases up to but not including version (X + 1).Y

For example, someone who purchased NeoTicker 4.30 will be entitled to free upgrades upto 5.20 or 1 year from date of purchase, as long as one of them still applies.

Upgrade Policy – Lease Version

Upgrade to the latest version is included in the lease price.

Legacy Upgrade Policy for Full or Permanent License for Clients Who Purchased Our Products before June 2010

TickQuest does not charge for minor version upgrades. For example, if you purchase NeoTicker® EOD 1.0, you are entitle to free upgrades should TickQuest releases NeoTicker® EOD 1.1, 1.2, etc., as long as the major version is still 1.

We guarantee free major version upgrades within one year. For example, if you purchase NeoTicker® now, then within one year, you are entitled to all major and minor upgrades free of charge. Beyond one year, there will be a charge for major version upgrade. The exact amount varies from product to product.

* Our upgrade policy is subjected to change without notice.