Formula 301 – Writing Trading Models

Implementation of trading models using indicator formulas is simply extending your indicators to issue trading related instructions like buy/sell orders, cancellation of orders, etc. thru the trading functions. Thus, having a good understanding in writing formula indicators is necessary. If you have not done so, read Formula 201 – Writing Indicator Formulas to get yourself familiar with the language first.

  1. Trading System Concept and Our First System
  2. Basic Controls
  3. Intraday Moving Average Crossover with Position Sizing
  4. Basic Consensus System
  5. Money Management
  6. Automatic Brokerage Position Management
  7. Random Entry System
  8. Compress Series Trading System

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Beyond the techniques and concepts introduced here, you can check out our blog site on Trading Systems That Work to see how to turn trading ideas into models that you can backtest rigorously.