Formula 201 – Writing Indicator Formulas

This seris of blog articles cover all the basic concepts and techniques for writing formula indicators within NeoTicker. Some prior programming experience is ncessary if you have not learned the basics from Formula 101 – Writing Quote Formulas.

Beyond article #10 are special techniques and concepts for exploring the advanced features within NeoTicker. If you are learning to write your own indicators, you do not need to read them for now and can always refer back to them when you want to create some advanced indicators.

  1. Our First Indicator
  2. Using Parameters and Primary Series
  3. A Simple Spread Indicator Using 2 Linked Series
  4. Using Indicators
  5. Multiple Statements and Series Variables
  6. Local Variables and Recursion
  7. Advanced Indicator Access
  8. Multiple Time Frame Access
  9. Using the FML Indicator
  10. Update Scheme (By Tick vs. On Bar Completion)
  11. Writing Quote Formula Indicator
  12. Writing Tick Precise Indicator
  13. Meta Style
  14. Color Formula
  15. TP Candle Formula Indicator
  16. Multi Time Frame Inside Bars
  17. Relative Price Indicator

Following are latest Formula 201 blog articles,

Once you built a solid foundation in indicator writing, you can proceed to create your own trading models with formulas. Read Formula 301 – Writing Trading Models for more details.

New indicators are created everyday by traders around the world to tackle their trading problems. A good way to learn writing your own indicators is by studying ones created by the other traders. In our blog site, check out the Indicator Library and the blog articles on Indicator/System Experiments for more indicator ideas.