Formula 101 – Writing Quote Formulas

The blog articles listed below is a complete introduction to NeoTicker’s formula language. Prior programming experience is not needed to learn the formula language when you read and practice the concepts in sequence.

  1. Introduction to NeoTicker Formula
  2. Quote Fields & Arithmetic Operators
  3. Using Functions
  4. Relational Operators, Boolean Operators and Decision Functions
  5. Using Data Series
  6. Using Indicators
  7. Advanced Series Controls
  8. Local Variables, Assignments and Multiple Statements
  9. Comment Your Formula
  10. Special Context Functions

Beyond article #10, are special case studies and exploration on advanced techniques. Refer to them when you encounter a similar situation. Following are the latest Formula 101 blog articles,

Once you have mastered these basic concepts, you are ready to learn writing your own formula indicators in Formula 201 – Writing Formula Indicators