Add-on Providers

addon_w200 NeoTicker provides users with an extremely flexible and powerful platform to create an environment to fit their trading needs. Trading firms can create standardized layouts with charts, quotes, etc. using their proprietary indicators and trading models for deployment to their firm traders. Retail traders with programming experience and knowledge of the markets can easily customize NeoTicker for their special needs.

For firms and individuals who prefer to focus on their trading as oppose to developing their own tools, our third party add-on providers can help you save both time and money, giving you access to readily available indicators and tools that can be integrated with your trading requirement and help you reaching your trading goals sooner.

Open platform design means business potential for experiened tools providers

If you or your firm is experienced with creating financial software components, then think about making your tools compatible with NeoTicker today. NeoTicker is designed from ground up to be a platform for customization. Huge predefined library of trading related objects means less work for you and potential to create better, more sophisticated tools in shorter development time. Contact us for more information to become a NeoTicker add-on provider today.

See our page on Solution for VARs, Consultants, and Add-on Providers for more details.

(listing in alphabetical order)

Jurik Research
Market GeoMetrics
Ninja Trader