Data Providers

datavendor_w200 In order to study the price behaviour of financial instruments, you need data. Tons of data. Good quality data is a requirement for proper research and analysis.

We have chosen a selected group of data vendors that have shown their commitments into providing good quality data for their clients. These data providers offer financial data through their subscription services. You can use their data within NeoTicker to carry out your analysis with confidence.

In general there are 2 categories of data providers,
    End-of-day data only - these data vendors provide historical daily data for various financial instruments and update services to bring your collection of historical data up-to-date by the end of each trading day.

    Real-time data - these data vendors provide real-time data, streaming that directly into NeoTicker for real-time analysis. Depending on the vendor and the subscription plan you have chosen, you will also be able to download various kinds of historical data, from daily, minute, down to every single transactions.

Compatible File Formats

For non real-time data services, as long as the data can be saved (or exported) into any one of the supported data formats (e.g. text files, CSV, etc.), NeoTicker will be able to utilize them.

DDE Streaming Data Connections

For real-time streaming data services, if you cannot find the name of the vendor below, you will still be able to obtain streaming data from that vendor if it supports DDE connection or real-time updates into Excel. NeoTicker features fully customizable DDE data feed streaming, including streaming from Excel, making it possible to work with almost any data feeds available nowadays.

(listing in alphabetic order)

CSI Systems Inc.
End of day data – world stocks, commodities, indices; US only options, mutual funds


Real-time data – world stocks, futures, indices, options, forex, etc.
Our official preferred data vendor

Real-time data – stocks, futures, indices, forex, etc.

Morningstar QuoteSpeed
Real-time data – world stocks, futures, indices, etc.
Tenfore Systems is a Morningstar company since Dec 2008

Quotes Plus
End of day data – stocks, commodities, indices, mutual funds

Real-time data – stocks, futures, options, indices, etc.
(Legacy support upto version 8.x)

End of day data – stocks, indices