End Users

endusers_w200End-user community is important for both new and experienced users of our products. For experienced users, having direct channel to voice their opinions, suggestions, etc. can help us shape our products to better fit their needs. For new users, it can be tough to learn using a complex application like NeoTicker. Thus having more experienced peers who share similar interest in using our products, can surely ease the learning curve involved.

Traders and Analysts

Whether you trade stocks, futures or Forex, NeoTicker® can help you gain the edge in trading. Our tools are tightly integrated and highly customizable. Proprietary technologies that cannot be found anywhere else is now available at your fingertips through our products.

See our page on Solutions for Traders & Analysts for more details.

Hedge Funds and Institutions

Serving the hedge fund industry and financial institutions for many years, one thing we have learned is that proprietary research/technology advantage is always a priority. NeoTicker fits perfectly into this picture by reducing the time to deployment of proprietary trading models and improving overall usage experiences by firm traders.

See Solution for Brokerages, Hedge Funds and Institutions for more details.

Beginners Learning to Trade
NeoTicker®'s full environment simulation is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to learn trading. We provide data that is popular among traders so that beginners who do not have access to real-time data can get started without the extra overhead.

See our page on Learning to Trade for more details.

(listing in alphabetical order)

Kreslik.com – Traders Community
NeoTicker Blog

    Our company blog site for sharing usage tips, technical info, etc. in an informal setting.

NeoTicker Forum

    Our support forum for end users to communicate with our support staff and other users online.

NeoTicker Yahoo User Group

    The original NeoTicker user support group. It is now replaced by the NeoTicker Forum and Blog site. As we have not moved all the downloadable indicators and sample files over to the blog site yet, a link is provided here for anyone interested in those content.