oldlibraryLong before TickQuest was found, our work has been conducting research for institutional and affluent clients in the development of financial technologies and trading models.

Our research has been very focused on figuring out what really works across all known trading techniques and methodologies. We want to find out scientifically which literatures with claimed performance are valid and applicable today.

Through this process, we have gained valuable insights into many well known trading methodologies.

Better Financial Technologies Leading to New Discoveries
Equipped with better computing power, and our dedication in developing financial technologies, we have successfully discovered strong leading indication tools and statistical biases that are useful for both short and long term trading.

These discoveries in turn help shaping our direction of development in the next generation of trading technologies.

Our research results are so significant, we truely believe that they can change the world drastically in the ways how trading will be conducted into the future.

Publishing Our Research

As of 2010, we have made an initiative to organize and publish our research results. We are making them available to the public over time. Check out the eBooks and Reports page for more details.

If you are institutional traders or trading firms interested in collaboration or contracting us to conduct specialized research, then contact us directly.