Easily Programmable

You can create your own indicators by programming NeoTicker® EOD.

NeoTicker® EOD provides different programming models for different tasks – formulas for simple tasks, scripts for complex tasks and IDL interface to external programs for ultimate scalability.

All three models share the same indicator framework. Indicator calculation is performed by a common engine for maximum consistency. Indicators created with one model can be reused by all.


Easy and Fast Formulas

NeoTicker® EOD’s formula is perfect for simple tasks. Not burdened by syntax requirement of more complex tasks, formula is easy to learn and lightening fast.

Scripting with Industrial Standard Languages

For complex tasks, NeoTicker® EOD supports three standard scripting languages – VBScript, Javascript and Delphi Script. Users who are familiar with Basic, Java and Delphi will immediately feel at home.

VBScript and Javascript are industrial standard scripting languages. Books are readily available as reference and as a source for learning.

Ultimate Flexibility with IDL Interface

For users who require the scalability of an external compiler, NeoTicker® EOD services are available through IDL interface. Programming languages that support Microsoft ActiveX interface will have access to a common indicator framework shared with scripts and formulas.

Our users have successfully developed commercial solutions with IDL interface using a variety of languages – Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Delphi.