Test Your Trading Ideas – Easy-to-Use Systematic Trading Tools

NeoTicker® EOD offers a full suite of tools for writing, testing and analyzing trading systems. You can perfect your trading ideas before putting them into practice. Better yet, unlike most competing products, you do not have to write complex programs to create trading systems. You can simply specify your entry and exit conditions in the easy-to-use Backtest EZ trading system, run the trading system on your choice of instrument, and use NeoTicker® EOD’s performance viewer to statistically analyze the results.

Backtest EZ

With Backtest EZ, you focus on the logic of a trading system, not the details. Writing trading system is as simple as specifying the entry and exit conditions.

The example shows a trading system that enters a long position when the price is above 20 days highest high. The system exits the position when a target of $0.50 is hit.

As for the condition formula, an indicator wizard is provided so you don’t even have to memorize indicator parameters.


Showcase – System Performance Viewer
NeoTicker® EOD includes comprehensive trading system reporting.

The complete statistical analysis enables you to easily pinpoint weaknesses in your trading system for improvements, and quantify your confidence in its performance.