Useful Trading Setups Included

NeoTicker® EOD comes with many pre-built trading setups so you can get everything to work quickly.

The showcases below are all included with NeoTicker® EOD. Each showcase is followed by the description and the name of the pre-built group containing the setup.

Multiple Time Frame Analysis
This is a multiple time frame analysis setup – indicators from different time frames are overlaid in the same chart. Indicators from different time frames can help confirm a decision.

(Group: Demo MultiTimeFrame)

Trading System Setup
This is a trading system setup. The trading system goes into position when a stock breaks 20-day highest high or lowest low. This setup can be used as a foundation for user created trading systems.

(Group: Demo EOD Backtest EZ)

Market Breadth Analysis
This setup shows how to use NeoTicker® EOD to calculate normalized advance decline ratio for component stocks in the Dow 30.

Advance decline ratio is the summary of overall market sentiment. It is used as an early detector of direction change for single stock when the stock movement is diverting from overall market sentiment.

This setup illustrates how NeoTicker® EOD can be used for market breadth calculations.

(Group: Demo EOD Market Breadth)

Trend Identification

This setup uses 20 days highest high and lowest low to identify trends.

Similar to the trading system setup, this setup includes more visual indicators and is suitable as a foundation for discretionary trading.

(Group: Demo EOD Quote and Chart 1)