Find the right instrument to trade – comprehensive quote window

Successful trading means finding the right instrument to trade. NeoTicker® EOD’s quote window is the perfect tool to do that. With custom coloring, filtering, automatic ranking, you can easily locate an instrument from a large basket.

Rule-based Coloring
You can specify rules to control the color of the values. With different colors, you can easily spot anomaly.

In this case, volume is color coded for different range. You can easily spot the stocks with high volume.

Auto Ranking
In this example, the symbols are automatically ranked by Net %. At an user specified time interval, the symbols are re-ranked according to the latest values.

Setting up auto ranking is easy, you can simply turn on the feature by pressing the auto ranking button, then click on the column you want to auto rank.

Formula-based Filtering
You can setup formula-based filters so quote window only shows the symbols that meet the condition.

With a simple condition like the one shown here, quote window will only show symbols that have a Net % gain larger than 1 and with last traded price between $30 and $80.

Bar Graph
You can display values as bar graph. In this example, Net % is displayed as bar graph.

Bar graph is an alternative to ranking. It is easy to spot values with a quick glance.