Solution for Brokerages and Financial Institutions

NeoTicker® as All-in-one Solution Across Your Organization

NeoTicker® is built with flexible open APIs allowing your organization to connect your backend servers quickly to this powerful front-end platform. Your IT department can focus on their core function as oppose to wasting resources to recreate technologies that is readily available now.

Front-end platform development is a long term commitment that takes expertise in various areas of financial data processing, visualization, interapplication integration, etc. To satisfy the everyday needs of the traders and analysts in your company, it is common that many in-house applications are developed and deployed. Over a period of time, however, that turns into support nightmare as the applications are not likely maintained, leading to undesirable outcomes from abrupting the work of some individuals within your organization, duplicated efforts to develop applications already written, to affecting important daily task that has to be done.

NeoTicker, with years of development under its belt, it has matured into a platform with all kinds of tools to satisfy the need of your workers. From basic charting, real-time quotes, to Excel integration, complex strategy development, market statistics collection, etc. you can rely on NeoTicker to create the solutions needed.

Development cost, long term maintenance cost, and support cost are saved through using NeoTicker.

NeoTicker as a Client Access Solution

Nowadays investors and clients interested in trading are much more demanding. Many of them demands the ability to monitor the markets and their positions in real-time. Providing basic real-time data to your client is desirable, but not quite useful as trading in general is getting more competitive everyday. By providing your clients with better software and technology to deal with the markets today will give them an edge to stay on top of their trading. Ensuring your clients’ survival also means improving your company’s bottomline.

To develop a front-end platform for the clients as oppose to connecting the company backend to a 3rd party application like NeoTicker has many disadvantages like long development time to deployment, not enough high-end features helping the clients, flooded with technical support issues that IT department may not be ready for.

Deploying NeoTicker as the primary decision making tool to clients can overcome all these issues with the additional advantage of having a lower overall cost in software maintenance.

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