Solution for Trainers

NeoTicker® offers the following benefits to trainers:

  • Controlled, full environment simulation
  • Easy to deploy trading setups
  • Detail performance reports on trading results
  • Top quality support

Full Environment Simulation

SimulationTechnologies_w400Our simulation technologies make it extremely productive for you to demonstrate trading techniques in a controlled environment.

In NeoTicker®’s, there are two key pieces of simulation technologies – Simulation Server and Trade Simulator. They work together to recreate a trading environment.

Simulation Server

simulationserver1_w400The first technology is Simulation Server. Simulation Server replays market actions. It works very much like a DVD player. Simulation Server works by replaying the trades of multiple symbols in the market simultaneously, so it feels extremely real.

Simulation Server offers you the following advantages:

  • Trading sessions are repeatable. No more waiting for a particular scenario to happen.
    It works according to your schedule. You can teach anytime – mornings, evenings, weekends. You are not limited by market hours.
  • It works according to your pace. You can pause Simulation Server, and the market will stop. You can speed up Simulation Server, and the market will play in fast motion.

Trade Simulator

tradesimulator1_w400The second technology is Trade Simulator. With Trade Simulator, your students can safely place orders to a virtual trading account, and no real money is involved.

When both technologies work together, they simulate a controlled, full trading environment for you to teach in.

Easy to Deploy Trading Setups

It is easy to distribute trading setups to your students. You can easily package up multiple charts into an email friendly file and send it to the students.

Detail Performance Reports on Trading Results

sysperformance_w400The trading results from simulation can be easily reviewed through the comprehensive System Performance Viewer. All orders placed, all trades that took place, and how the results measure up, will be available at your fingertips so that weaknesses and bad trading habits can be identified quickly with resolution put in place as soon as possible.

Actual trading results can also be imported into NeoTicker to conduct the analysis, giving the trainer a head start in understanding what has to be done to help a trader making improvements.

Top Quality Support

With TickQuest, you are not dealing with a mass market company. NeoTicker® is a premium trading software and comes with the support and service only a dedicated software company can provide. We work closely with trainers to help them set up NeoTicker® in ways suitable for their style of teaching. Support questions are handled by competent staffs in a timely manner.