Solution for VARs, Consultants & Add-on Developers

consultingNeoTicker® is the ideal platform to develop for your customers. NeoTicker® provides the tools and support you need to develop a successful product.

With NeoTicker®, it’s like having your own programming team to handle data and charting. You can focus on high level development and let NeoTicker® takes care of the rest. So you can provide your customers with high quality solutions in a cost effective way.

Wide Appeal

NeoTicker® supports leading data vendors and brokerages. Products you developed with NeoTicker® will work for users around the world. This is simply not possible if you develop for a single data vendor or brokerage.

We understand the issues coming with a world audience so NeoTicker® is locale friendly. For instance, NeoTicker® automatically translates different numeric notations used by your users and your code.


Working With You

We have an excellent support structure in place to help developers. This will save you tremendous amount of development time and money.

With trading products, errors in initial design can cost a lot of money and development budget can balloon out of control. Because we work with developers all the time, we can give advice at design phase to reduce unnecessary development cost.

Helping Your Customers

We handle a large share of the support work because your customers are using NeoTicker®. They will have access to the same excellent support network other NeoTicker® users enjoy. Your customers will appreciate that.


Our resellers are all value-added resellers. They succeed by providing top quality products and services to their customers, not by cut throat pricing.

When we work out a reselling agreement with you, we will work out a plan to help you succeed. Planning is done on an individual reseller level. It is possible to arrange co-marketing and bundling plans with us.

Protecting Your Work

We are serious to help you protecting your intellectual properties. Your code can be protected at a hardware key and/or software license level.

You can create lease and demo versions of your product. You can activate your product based on customer payment.

Talk To Us

If you have any questions, you are welcome to call us at 416-777-9119 or email us at