Learning To Trade

Are you considering trading as a career?

  • You may want to check out the Education Partner area to look for a trading coach or trainer
  • We have research reports and educational eBooks available in our Research page that are suitable for beginners
  • Take a look at our simulation technology described below that can help you practice trading

NeoTicker® as a Trading Simulator

You can start using NeoTicker® as a simulated trading platform. It is very realistic and you can learn all the trading techniques without worrying about making costly trading mistakes.

Once you are ready, NeoTicker® transforms seamlessly into a professional, real-life trading platform. All the things you’ve learned in simulation can be applied in real life.

As your demand grows, NeoTicker® will keep up because NeoTicker® is well regarded as an advanced and highly flexible trading program.We appreciate your business. If you have any question, feel free to ask us at mailto:sales@tickquest.com or call us at 416-777-9119.

How to Get Started

It’s a simple 3 steps program.

  • Try NeoTicker® for free. You can download the free trial version of NeoTicker® from here. If you find out you don’t like it, you can simply remove NeoTicker® from your computer.
  • If you feel that NeoTicker® is the right tool for you, simply choose from one of our flexible payment plan. We offer lots of historical data for Forex and future contracts so you can practice trading until you feel that you are ready.
  • Once you feel that you are ready to trade in real-life, then find a reputable brokerage firm to open a trading account. Your copy of NeoTicker® will transformed into a real-life, professional trading platform.

NeoTicker®’s Simulation Technologies

SimulationTechnologies_w400Our simulation technologies make it extremely productive to learn trading with NeoTicker®. You will learn faster and work better, with no risk and controlled cost.

So, how does it work? The right figure illustrates the basic idea:

In NeoTicker®, there are two key pieces of simulation technologies – Simulation Server and Trade Simulator. They work together to create a better than real-life environment for you to learn trading.

Simulation Server

simulationserver1_w400The first technology is Simulation Server. Simulation Server replays market actions. It works very much like a DVD player. Simulation Server works by replaying the trades of multiple symbols in the market simultaneously, so it feels extremely real.

As a learning tool, Simulation Server offers you the following advantages:

  • It works according to your schedule. You can replay the market anytime – mornings, evenings, weekends. You are not limited by market hours to learn trading.
  • It works according to your pace. If you need more time, simply pause Simulation Server, and the market will stop and wait for you. If you want to accelerate your learning, you can speed up Simulation Server, and the market will play in fast motion, allowing you to speed up learning.
  • Trading sessions are repeatable. You can re-experience the same trading session over and over again simply by resetting Simulation Server.
  • It’s affordable. You can use training data that comes with our package. There is no need to subscribe to a data service and pay expensive exchange fees.

Trade Simulation

tradesimulator1_w400The second technology is Trade Simulator. Trade Simulator is like your personal exchange. With Trade Simulator, you will be trading with a virtual trading account.

Trade Simulator offers you the following advantages:

  • No real money is involved. Trade Simulator shields you from potentially costly beginner mistakes.
  • It tracks your performance. At the end of day, you can create a performance report of your trades and review what you have done right, and what you have done wrong.


When both technologies work together, they simulate a full trading environment for you to practice in and shield you from the risks of real-life trading. Only when you are 100% comfortable you need to start trading in real-life.

Myths Busted

Myth – I should start day trading right away and learn as I go.

Fact – You can learn just as well with a simulator and a virtual account. Why let beginner’s mistakes cost you real money?

Myth – Trading is best learn with market data at real-time.

Fact – With simulation, you can learn at any time. You can stop to study, or speed up the pace to learn faster. You can recreate trading scenarios that are interesting. These possibilities are not available if you train with real-time market data.

Myth – I can learn trading with a simple charting program, and graduate to more advanced programs later.

Fact – The optimal approach is to start with an advanced program like NeoTicker®. Why put the money and effort into learning something that you know you are going to outgrow in a couple of months?