Solution for Forex Traders

Forex market is the largest market in the world. Forex traders around the world spend countless hours to improve their trading methods to stay profitable in this highly competitive arena. With NeoTicker, forex traders can now shorten the amount of time needed to refine their methods with better results – reducing both stress and potential costly errors in executions.

Assistance to Discretionary Trading

Many discretionary traders like monitoring the markets for the specific trading setups they can identify visually. That is something not a simple trading model can replace as the experience of the trader can take into account many factors to make better decisions.

To help traders monitor many currency pairs at the same time, NeoTicker can display the traders’ favourite indicators within the quote windows and dynamic tables. Special conditions can be defined to produce visual and audio alerts. Traders can greatly reduce the need to flip through many charts in real-time for next potential trade, and focus on the pairs that fulfilled the basic requirements.

Qualify New Trading Setups Quickly

From concepts to making a trading model prototype, can be accomplished quickly with NeoTicker’s formula language. New trading ideas can be tested quickly with detail performance reports generated automatically. Making it possible to decide early if further efforts should be spent to pursuit an idea.

Data Integration with Your Brokerage

For forex brokers directly supported by NeoTicker, traders can stream real-time quotes from their brokers’ software/server into NeoTicker, removing the need of a 3rd party data services. As many forex traders know, the quote from your brokerage is better for your decision making than the combined quotes obtained across many brokers.

For forex brokers not directly supported by NeoTicker, as long as they provide connection thru Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) or Excel, NeoTicker can utlize their real-time quotes.