Stock Traders

Stock trading is unique that its traders can pick the best opportunities among all the stocks to trade as oppose to being forced to trade the same instrument everyday knowing that there may not be favorable setups to work with.

NeoTicker has many features designed for stock traders to automate and simplify their daily tasks.

Automate Your Daily Routines

Everyday stock traders tend to flip through thousands of charts to look for trading opportunities. Why torture yourself this way? Using Pattern Scanner window in NeoTicker, you can specify criteria that filter out most of the stocks that you do not need to review and spend more time on the candidates that are more likely to enter your watch list for the next trading day.

Better yet, you can define multiple Pattern Scanners to search for different sets of criteria, making it much easier to seek for the best trading opportunities.

Ultra Fast Real-Time Scanning

Daytraders like finding opportunities within a trading session. NeoTicker’s pattern scanners can scan for trading setups in intraday timeframes during the day at your customized schedule or timer, giving you the ability to find more trading opportunities beyond end-of-day scans.

Beyond Scanning – Tick by Tick Update on Indicators and Real-Time Filtering

When you are exploiting trading opportunities at very high intraday resolution, entering the high frequency trading territories, you will be glad to know that NeoTicker’s quote windows and dynamic tables are capable of tracking indicators and your custom calculations as frequently as you need.

That gives you the ability to track a set of symbols, using quote window formulas and dynamic tables and identify trading opportunities as soon as they happen, nothing can work faster than that.

Improve Your Research and Development Cycle

Existing price patterns exploiting certain structural bias will stop working when the necessary pre-conditions changed. New patterns in turn will emerge and become detectable. For stock traders, it is important to know, before engaging in a trade, how well the particular setup works on the stock statistically. Being able to monitor the performance of your current bag of tricks can help you determine if a particular trading setup should be retired and replaced with another one.

Using NeoTicker, a user can find out exactly how well a particular trading setup works on the individual stock when it shows up in your scan. Giving you the ability to tell if the setup is working consistently at the moment or a warning flag is showing as there is a decline in performance lately.

As you need to retire trading setups consistently, you also need to develop new trading setups frequently to keep up with your trading performance. NeoTicker is extremely useful in the development front of scanners. Potential trading setups that you see in the charts can be defined and quantified quickly, allowing you to adapt to the ever changing trading environment quickly.