Solution for Hedge Funds

Running a hedge fund is not easy. It puts enormous pressure on the fund managers to perform. NeoTicker has many advantages that can assist your fund to operate more smoothly.

Shorten Model Development Cycle

Being able to develop new models and discover new market biases is essential as trading models do have limited life time. NeoTicker provides the means to research and develop new trading models rapidly, giving your hedge funds the ability to stay on top of its games.

Better Analysis on Models Ready for Deployment

NeoTicker’s Environment Sim, TOTS Framework and its ability to backtest trading models with its Advanced Fill Mechanism make it the perfect solution to rigorously test your trading models before deployment. By properly stress testing your models, trading logics and emergency rules can be put in place to handle complex situations when elements out of your control are acting up in real-time.

Easier to Distribute and Manage Trading Setups Across Trading Floors

Traders trained in-house to trade discretionarily need standardized setup on their trading computers to start with. NeoTicker makes it extremely easy to deploy complete sets of charts, quote windows, decision grids based on dynamic tables, etc.

Should new tool sets are developed by your firm, it can be deployed in the same way easily without hassles.

Better Protection of Proprietary Research and Inventions

Proprietary indicators, chart setups, formulas, etc. can be protected in various ways so that your firm’s intellectual properties are secure from theft and industrial spies.

Protected indicators and trading models can be made so that they lock to specific NeoTicker license, and/or stop functioning on specific dates. Special formulas written within quote windows, complex chart setups, etc. can all be protected.

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