Quote Window – fields like DnTick, DnTick%, NetTick, NetVol, etc. are reporting 0

By Lawrence Chan

These fields require construction of real-time look up table to work. Turn on the real-time lookup table under Server Setup>Lookup DB tab.

Be reminded that enabling RT Lookup you are telling NeoTicker to download the tick data for all the streaming symbols in order to compute the accurate values for those fields. It can be a time consuming and high CPU load process.

You should consider using the faster accumulated version of these fields instead: AccDnTick, AccDnTick%, AccDnVol, AccDnVol%, AccNetTick, AccNetVol, AccTikRatio, AccTikTrin, AccUpTick, AccUptick%, AccUpVol, AccUpVol%, AccVolRatio.

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