How to copy group files and function windows?

By Lawrence Chan

Group files and function window files are very similar to standard document like Word document. To copy a function window send from a friend to you through email can be done in two ways.

First, if you are running NeoTicker®, just choose open of the specific function window. The open dialog will be displayed. Now just drag the function window file into the dialog file display area. The file will be copied. If you are not running NeoTicker®, and you wish to do a direct copy, then you will have to open the NeoTicker® directory. The NeoTicker® default installation directory is c:\Program Files\TickQuest\NeoTicker3. Once you opened the directory, you can drag and copy the function window file into the directory window.

Also, you can copy groups by export them to a package. From main window, choose Group>Export Package. Select the groups you want to export. Press Open. Then choose a filename for the package. The package is a single file that contains all the selected groups and their windows. To import a package file, choose Group>Import Package.

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