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Learn from History – Advanced Charting

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Charting is the most important tool for analyzing historical price patterns and discovering new trading opportunities. NeoTicker® EOD’s charting offers you a rich set of tools in a standalone, lightening fast package. The power and speed are simply beyond anything web-based charts can offer

Show cases

Identifying Trends

Using 20 days highest high and lowest low, the chart above identifies the starting points of trends and mark them with triangles.

The triangles are actually plotted by an indicator. In addition to the traditional line and histogram plot styles, NeoTicker® EOD’s indicators offer many more plot styles to meet different requirements.

Renko and Kagi Charts

Renko and Kagi charts are specialized chart types for identifying support and resistance levels and reducing data noise.

Renko and Kagi charts are built into NeoTicker® EOD. NeoTicker® EOD has the unique capability to display these charts in the same window with regular candlesticks. Cross comparing Renko and Kagi formations with regular data is never easier.

NeoTicker® EOD’s indicator-on-indicator technology is so flexible you can apply indicators, and even trading systems, on Renko and Kagi charts. It opens up new analytical methods that are not possible on other platforms.

NeoTicker® EOD includes other specialized chart types – Three Line Break, Point and Figure and our own Superposition Charts.

Identifying Volume Breakout

The chart on the left is an example of a volume breakout signal that is based on average volume over 20 days. Breakouts are identified by vertical markings.

NeoTicker® EOD’s flexibility allows you to easily put together an identification signal just like this. Most customization can be done with simple formulas.

In this example, the volume breakout signal is an application of the highlight bar indicator, with the highlight condition set by a simple one-line formula.

Volume Profiling

Volume Profile lets you visualize volume traded at different price levels over a period of time.

Volume Profile reveals information that is not obvious from standard volume data. It’s a great tool to help determining support and resistance levels.

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Easily Programmable

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You can create your own indicators by programming NeoTicker® EOD.

NeoTicker® EOD provides different programming models for different tasks – formulas for simple tasks, scripts for complex tasks and IDL interface to external programs for ultimate scalability.

All three models share the same indicator framework. Indicator calculation is performed by a common engine for maximum consistency. Indicators created with one model can be reused by all.


Easy and Fast Formulas

NeoTicker® EOD’s formula is perfect for simple tasks. Not burdened by syntax requirement of more complex tasks, formula is easy to learn and lightening fast.

Scripting with Industrial Standard Languages

For complex tasks, NeoTicker® EOD supports three standard scripting languages – VBScript, Javascript and Delphi Script. Users who are familiar with Basic, Java and Delphi will immediately feel at home.

VBScript and Javascript are industrial standard scripting languages. Books are readily available as reference and as a source for learning.

Ultimate Flexibility with IDL Interface

For users who require the scalability of an external compiler, NeoTicker® EOD services are available through IDL interface. Programming languages that support Microsoft ActiveX interface will have access to a common indicator framework shared with scripts and formulas.

Our users have successfully developed commercial solutions with IDL interface using a variety of languages – Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Delphi.

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Free or Professional Data – Your Choice

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NeoTicker® EOD can retrieve free stocks data from the Internet. For users who require the speed and quality of professional data service, NeoTicker® EOD can connect directly to Quotes Plus and TC2005, leading end-of-day data service providers. NeoTicker® EOD can also read many popular end-of-day format data files.

Direct Support
Quotes Plus
Internet stocks data

File Format Support
Metastock files
CSI/CSIM files
ASCII files (CSV, space separated, tab separated)

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NeoTicker® EOD offers a full suite of tools for writing, testing and analyzing trading systems. You can perfect your trading ideas before putting them into practice. Better yet, unlike most competing products, you do not have to write complex programs to create trading systems. You can simply specify your entry and exit conditions in the easy-to-use Backtest EZ trading system, run the trading system on your choice of instrument, and use NeoTicker® EOD’s performance viewer to statistically analyze the results.

Backtest EZ

With Backtest EZ, you focus on the logic of a trading system, not the details. Writing trading system is as simple as specifying the entry and exit conditions.

The example shows a trading system that enters a long position when the price is above 20 days highest high. The system exits the position when a target of $0.50 is hit.

As for the condition formula, an indicator wizard is provided so you don’t even have to memorize indicator parameters.


Showcase – System Performance Viewer
NeoTicker® EOD includes comprehensive trading system reporting.

The complete statistical analysis enables you to easily pinpoint weaknesses in your trading system for improvements, and quantify your confidence in its performance.

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Useful Trading Setups Included

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NeoTicker® EOD comes with many pre-built trading setups so you can get everything to work quickly.

The showcases below are all included with NeoTicker® EOD. Each showcase is followed by the description and the name of the pre-built group containing the setup.

Multiple Time Frame Analysis
This is a multiple time frame analysis setup – indicators from different time frames are overlaid in the same chart. Indicators from different time frames can help confirm a decision.

(Group: Demo MultiTimeFrame)

Trading System Setup
This is a trading system setup. The trading system goes into position when a stock breaks 20-day highest high or lowest low. This setup can be used as a foundation for user created trading systems.

(Group: Demo EOD Backtest EZ)

Market Breadth Analysis
This setup shows how to use NeoTicker® EOD to calculate normalized advance decline ratio for component stocks in the Dow 30.

Advance decline ratio is the summary of overall market sentiment. It is used as an early detector of direction change for single stock when the stock movement is diverting from overall market sentiment.

This setup illustrates how NeoTicker® EOD can be used for market breadth calculations.

(Group: Demo EOD Market Breadth)

Trend Identification

This setup uses 20 days highest high and lowest low to identify trends.

Similar to the trading system setup, this setup includes more visual indicators and is suitable as a foundation for discretionary trading.

(Group: Demo EOD Quote and Chart 1)

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Space Saving Animated Ticker

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An integrated ticker lets you present intraday data in a format that is commonly seen on financial television channels such as CNBC. Ticker takes considerably less screen space than a full scale quote window. So you can read your quotes without using up a lot of screen space.

Ticker can be displayed in a free floating window, or at the bottom of your screen. In the latter case, multiple tickers can be stacked.

Ticker is multiple monitor friendly.


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Find Profitable Trades – Scan Workshop

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Scan Workshop is a scanning tool that is seamless integrated with NeoTicker® EOD. Scan Workshop can go through hundreds of stocks to find trading opportunities for you.

With Scan Workshop, you can start scanning immediately with one of the built-in scans. Custom scan is easy – create a chart in NeoTicker® EOD and let Scan Workshop use the chart right away as the scanning criteria.

Scan Workshop is a separated product and has its own site. Click here to visit.

Limited Time Offer – Scan Workshop/NeoTicker® EOD Bundle
For a limited time we are bundling NeoTicker® EOD and Scan Workshop into a single package so you can buy the two great programs together for a single low price.


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Successful trading means finding the right instrument to trade. NeoTicker® EOD’s quote window is the perfect tool to do that. With custom coloring, filtering, automatic ranking, you can easily locate an instrument from a large basket.

Rule-based Coloring
You can specify rules to control the color of the values. With different colors, you can easily spot anomaly.

In this case, volume is color coded for different range. You can easily spot the stocks with high volume.

Auto Ranking
In this example, the symbols are automatically ranked by Net %. At an user specified time interval, the symbols are re-ranked according to the latest values.

Setting up auto ranking is easy, you can simply turn on the feature by pressing the auto ranking button, then click on the column you want to auto rank.

Formula-based Filtering
You can setup formula-based filters so quote window only shows the symbols that meet the condition.

With a simple condition like the one shown here, quote window will only show symbols that have a Net % gain larger than 1 and with last traded price between $30 and $80.

Bar Graph
You can display values as bar graph. In this example, Net % is displayed as bar graph.

Bar graph is an alternative to ranking. It is easy to spot values with a quick glance.

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