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New look for our website!

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We are moving onto a new website design.

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NeoTicker 4.20 Build 57 Released

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Release note is available from our blog site.

Download available from Support/Download area.

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Solution for Brokerages and Financial Institutions

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NeoTicker® as All-in-one Solution Across Your Organization

NeoTicker® is built with flexible open APIs allowing your organization to connect your backend servers quickly to this powerful front-end platform. Your IT department can focus on their core function as oppose to wasting resources to recreate technologies that is readily available now.

Front-end platform development is a long term commitment that takes expertise in various areas of financial data processing, visualization, interapplication integration, etc. To satisfy the everyday needs of the traders and analysts in your company, it is common that many in-house applications are developed and deployed. Over a period of time, however, that turns into support nightmare as the applications are not likely maintained, leading to undesirable outcomes from abrupting the work of some individuals within your organization, duplicated efforts to develop applications already written, to affecting important daily task that has to be done.

NeoTicker, with years of development under its belt, it has matured into a platform with all kinds of tools to satisfy the need of your workers. From basic charting, real-time quotes, to Excel integration, complex strategy development, market statistics collection, etc. you can rely on NeoTicker to create the solutions needed.

Development cost, long term maintenance cost, and support cost are saved through using NeoTicker.

NeoTicker as a Client Access Solution

Nowadays investors and clients interested in trading are much more demanding. Many of them demands the ability to monitor the markets and their positions in real-time. Providing basic real-time data to your client is desirable, but not quite useful as trading in general is getting more competitive everyday. By providing your clients with better software and technology to deal with the markets today will give them an edge to stay on top of their trading. Ensuring your clients’ survival also means improving your company’s bottomline.

To develop a front-end platform for the clients as oppose to connecting the company backend to a 3rd party application like NeoTicker has many disadvantages like long development time to deployment, not enough high-end features helping the clients, flooded with technical support issues that IT department may not be ready for.

Deploying NeoTicker as the primary decision making tool to clients can overcome all these issues with the additional advantage of having a lower overall cost in software maintenance.

Talk to us at or call us at 416-777-9119.

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Solution for Trainers

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NeoTicker® offers the following benefits to trainers:

  • Controlled, full environment simulation
  • Easy to deploy trading setups
  • Detail performance reports on trading results
  • Top quality support

Full Environment Simulation

SimulationTechnologies_w400Our simulation technologies make it extremely productive for you to demonstrate trading techniques in a controlled environment.

In NeoTicker®’s, there are two key pieces of simulation technologies – Simulation Server and Trade Simulator. They work together to recreate a trading environment.

Simulation Server

simulationserver1_w400The first technology is Simulation Server. Simulation Server replays market actions. It works very much like a DVD player. Simulation Server works by replaying the trades of multiple symbols in the market simultaneously, so it feels extremely real.

Simulation Server offers you the following advantages:

  • Trading sessions are repeatable. No more waiting for a particular scenario to happen.
    It works according to your schedule. You can teach anytime – mornings, evenings, weekends. You are not limited by market hours.
  • It works according to your pace. You can pause Simulation Server, and the market will stop. You can speed up Simulation Server, and the market will play in fast motion.

Trade Simulator

tradesimulator1_w400The second technology is Trade Simulator. With Trade Simulator, your students can safely place orders to a virtual trading account, and no real money is involved.

When both technologies work together, they simulate a controlled, full trading environment for you to teach in.

Easy to Deploy Trading Setups

It is easy to distribute trading setups to your students. You can easily package up multiple charts into an email friendly file and send it to the students.

Detail Performance Reports on Trading Results

sysperformance_w400The trading results from simulation can be easily reviewed through the comprehensive System Performance Viewer. All orders placed, all trades that took place, and how the results measure up, will be available at your fingertips so that weaknesses and bad trading habits can be identified quickly with resolution put in place as soon as possible.

Actual trading results can also be imported into NeoTicker to conduct the analysis, giving the trainer a head start in understanding what has to be done to help a trader making improvements.

Top Quality Support

With TickQuest, you are not dealing with a mass market company. NeoTicker® is a premium trading software and comes with the support and service only a dedicated software company can provide. We work closely with trainers to help them set up NeoTicker® in ways suitable for their style of teaching. Support questions are handled by competent staffs in a timely manner.

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Solution for VARs, Consultants & Add-on Developers

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consultingNeoTicker® is the ideal platform to develop for your customers. NeoTicker® provides the tools and support you need to develop a successful product.

With NeoTicker®, it’s like having your own programming team to handle data and charting. You can focus on high level development and let NeoTicker® takes care of the rest. So you can provide your customers with high quality solutions in a cost effective way.

Wide Appeal

NeoTicker® supports leading data vendors and brokerages. Products you developed with NeoTicker® will work for users around the world. This is simply not possible if you develop for a single data vendor or brokerage.

We understand the issues coming with a world audience so NeoTicker® is locale friendly. For instance, NeoTicker® automatically translates different numeric notations used by your users and your code.


Working With You

We have an excellent support structure in place to help developers. This will save you tremendous amount of development time and money.

With trading products, errors in initial design can cost a lot of money and development budget can balloon out of control. Because we work with developers all the time, we can give advice at design phase to reduce unnecessary development cost.

Helping Your Customers

We handle a large share of the support work because your customers are using NeoTicker®. They will have access to the same excellent support network other NeoTicker® users enjoy. Your customers will appreciate that.


Our resellers are all value-added resellers. They succeed by providing top quality products and services to their customers, not by cut throat pricing.

When we work out a reselling agreement with you, we will work out a plan to help you succeed. Planning is done on an individual reseller level. It is possible to arrange co-marketing and bundling plans with us.

Protecting Your Work

We are serious to help you protecting your intellectual properties. Your code can be protected at a hardware key and/or software license level.

You can create lease and demo versions of your product. You can activate your product based on customer payment.

Talk To Us

If you have any questions, you are welcome to call us at 416-777-9119 or email us at

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Learning To Trade

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Are you considering trading as a career?

  • You may want to check out the Education Partner area to look for a trading coach or trainer
  • We have research reports and educational eBooks available in our Research page that are suitable for beginners
  • Take a look at our simulation technology described below that can help you practice trading

NeoTicker® as a Trading Simulator

You can start using NeoTicker® as a simulated trading platform. It is very realistic and you can learn all the trading techniques without worrying about making costly trading mistakes.

Once you are ready, NeoTicker® transforms seamlessly into a professional, real-life trading platform. All the things you’ve learned in simulation can be applied in real life.

As your demand grows, NeoTicker® will keep up because NeoTicker® is well regarded as an advanced and highly flexible trading program.We appreciate your business. If you have any question, feel free to ask us at or call us at 416-777-9119.

How to Get Started

It’s a simple 3 steps program.

  • Try NeoTicker® for free. You can download the free trial version of NeoTicker® from here. If you find out you don’t like it, you can simply remove NeoTicker® from your computer.
  • If you feel that NeoTicker® is the right tool for you, simply choose from one of our flexible payment plan. We offer lots of historical data for Forex and future contracts so you can practice trading until you feel that you are ready.
  • Once you feel that you are ready to trade in real-life, then find a reputable brokerage firm to open a trading account. Your copy of NeoTicker® will transformed into a real-life, professional trading platform.

NeoTicker®’s Simulation Technologies

SimulationTechnologies_w400Our simulation technologies make it extremely productive to learn trading with NeoTicker®. You will learn faster and work better, with no risk and controlled cost.

So, how does it work? The right figure illustrates the basic idea:

In NeoTicker®, there are two key pieces of simulation technologies – Simulation Server and Trade Simulator. They work together to create a better than real-life environment for you to learn trading.

Simulation Server

simulationserver1_w400The first technology is Simulation Server. Simulation Server replays market actions. It works very much like a DVD player. Simulation Server works by replaying the trades of multiple symbols in the market simultaneously, so it feels extremely real.

As a learning tool, Simulation Server offers you the following advantages:

  • It works according to your schedule. You can replay the market anytime – mornings, evenings, weekends. You are not limited by market hours to learn trading.
  • It works according to your pace. If you need more time, simply pause Simulation Server, and the market will stop and wait for you. If you want to accelerate your learning, you can speed up Simulation Server, and the market will play in fast motion, allowing you to speed up learning.
  • Trading sessions are repeatable. You can re-experience the same trading session over and over again simply by resetting Simulation Server.
  • It’s affordable. You can use training data that comes with our package. There is no need to subscribe to a data service and pay expensive exchange fees.

Trade Simulation

tradesimulator1_w400The second technology is Trade Simulator. Trade Simulator is like your personal exchange. With Trade Simulator, you will be trading with a virtual trading account.

Trade Simulator offers you the following advantages:

  • No real money is involved. Trade Simulator shields you from potentially costly beginner mistakes.
  • It tracks your performance. At the end of day, you can create a performance report of your trades and review what you have done right, and what you have done wrong.


When both technologies work together, they simulate a full trading environment for you to practice in and shield you from the risks of real-life trading. Only when you are 100% comfortable you need to start trading in real-life.

Myths Busted

Myth – I should start day trading right away and learn as I go.

Fact – You can learn just as well with a simulator and a virtual account. Why let beginner’s mistakes cost you real money?

Myth – Trading is best learn with market data at real-time.

Fact – With simulation, you can learn at any time. You can stop to study, or speed up the pace to learn faster. You can recreate trading scenarios that are interesting. These possibilities are not available if you train with real-time market data.

Myth – I can learn trading with a simple charting program, and graduate to more advanced programs later.

Fact – The optimal approach is to start with an advanced program like NeoTicker®. Why put the money and effort into learning something that you know you are going to outgrow in a couple of months?

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Solution for Active Traders & Analysts

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Whether you trade stocks, futures or Forex, NeoTicker® can help you gain the edge in trading. Our tools are tightly integrated and highly customizable.

The wealth of NeoTicker® features make it impossible for us to describe them all in our website. If you are not sure about an item, you can ask us by sending an e-mail to

Advanced Charting

Charting is the most important tool in technical analysis and almost all trading programs have a chart of some form. Since charting is such a common tool, you are at no advantage over other traders if you look only at simple charts.

By combining advanced analytical tools and direct order placement, NeoTicker®’s charts can help you gain more insights from data, react faster in real-time and work more comfortably.

Feature Highlights:

Powerful Quote Windows

NeoTicker®’s quote windows are more than simple quote sheets. Quote windows can display indicator values, graphs, calculate formulas, trigger alerts and have tools to help you identify trading targets. You can even place orders in quote windows.

Quote window is the essential tool for summarizing information for many symbols.

quoteicon_w220Feature Highlights

dynamictable2_w260Flexible Dynamic Tables

Dynamic Table is a highly flexible tool for displaying data. You can think of Dynamic Table as a super table, in which you can customize the display of each table cell. You can display quote fields, formulas, indicators, candlesticks or bar graph in each cell, for different symbols.

Feature Highlights

Data Crunching
High Performance Pattern Scanner

clientsidecontrol_w260Many traders rely on commonly available lists such as “most active stocks”, “highest volume stocks”, etc. as the first step to narrow down trading opportunities. Think about it. These lists are available to all traders. By the time you find something to trade, hundreds of other traders could have made the same discovery. It is very difficult to take advantage of commonly available lists.

What you need is your own custom scanning criteria. With NeoTicker®, you can specify virtually any combination of spread, data and indicators as your scanning criteria. The scanning happens on client side – your computer. So you have 100% control over what to scan, and how to scan it.

Only with NeoTicker®’s client side scanning, you have the control over scanning criteria and it puts your ahead of your fellow traders.

NeoTicker® offers you three types of scanning technologies:

  • Quote window based scanning that can scan at close to real-time speed (screenshot).
  • Sophisticated pattern scanner that is designed to handle large scanning jobs. Pattern scanner can scan baskets and perform chain scanning (screenshot, illustration).
  • Scan Workshop that lets you scan using chart patterns that are visually intuitive (screenshot, screenshot, screenshot).

NeoBreadth® Technology

neobreadth_w320NeoBreadth® is a feature based on TickQuest’s research into market breadth since the late 1990’s. Market breadth are widely recognized as useful trading tools. What TickQuest had done was systematizing the creation and calculation of market breadth. We paid particular attention to historical patterns to find ways to quantify performance.

With NeoTicker®, it is easy to create custom symbols that calculate spreads, ratios, weighted indices and formulas. You can even import external symbols from third party programs.


  • Spreads
  • Ratios
  • Weighted indices (screenshot)
  • Custom symbols that are formula-based
  • Importing external symbols from third party programs
  • Real-time customized market breadth calculation with ability to regenerate historical breadth data (screenshot)
  • Seamless integration with rest of NeoTicker®. Use them in charts, quote windows, trading system and etc.
Data / Brokerage
Choice of Data Services

With NeoTicker®, you have a choice of real-time data service. NeoTicker® supports leading data services and can collect quotes from brokerages. There is a service that fits your requirement.

NeoTicker® supports the following types of data services:

  • Real-time data from brokerages. Leading brokerages provides free real-time data to their customers. NeoTicker® can utilize this data by combining it with the historical data service we provide.
  • Premium data services that deliver data using Internet. This is the choice for traders who have a high-end data requirement.
  • Full market data through satellite. This is choice for traders who demand full market data.

See Data Providers for a list of supported data services.

Advanced Order Placement and Brokerage Integration

We work with leading brokerages so you can directly send orders from NeoTicker® to your broker. We provide a comprehensive set of order placing forms that supersede anything that is available directly from a brokerage. You can also place orders from charts and quote windows.

NeoTicker® uses what we called an accountable order placement system. Before an order is sent to your broker, NeoTicker® logs the order in a database. When your broker fills the order, NeoTicker® will receive an update and logs the transaction in the database.

Having a database means you have the facility to query past orders and transactions. So you can objectively evaluate your trading performance.

Feature Highlights

See Brokerage Partners for a list of supported brokerages.

Futures / Forex
Specialized Feature for Futures Trading

NeoTicker® comes with continuous contract support. Continuous contract is resolved on NeoTicker® side, under your complete control.

Contracts stitching is handled in an intelligent and consistent manner. When you trade a continuous contract symbol, translation between continuous contracts and the real contract is automatic.

Forex Trading

It is extremely easy to trade Forex with NeoTicker®. We support many Forex brokerages. If you trade only Forex, you can use real-time data provided by your broker with NeoTicker®, free of charge. We will supply the historical data backfill including tick data. Orders can be sent directly to your Forex broker for execution.

NeoTicker® itself is friendly towards Forex trading. Our Forex Dynamic Table is geared towards displaying Forex data. In addition, you can perform your own custom calculation using NeoTicker®’s easy-to-use formula. Charts and quote windows can display custom number of decimal places required by Forex trading.

dynamictableforex_small_w260Feature Highlights:

  • Direct data from your Forex brokerage account, free of charge
  • Historical backfill, including tick data
  • Direct order placement
  • Forex Dynamic Table (screenshot) with formula support
  • Forex friendly charts (screenshot)
  • Forex friendly quote window (screenshot)
Excel Integration
NeoTicker® is full integrated with Microsoft Excel to handle your reporting requirements. You can send data, reports and calculation results directly to Excel. NeoTicker® will open Excel for you if needed, and open a worksheet to handle the information from NeoTicker®.

Full Support of Latest RTD Technology from Microsoft Excel

RTD technology from Microsoft enables users to obtain data from external sources without hardwiring fixed link formulas (see DDE Support below), making it possible to create worksheets capable of better scenario analysis with little or no changes at all to the worksheet formulas.

Full Support of Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)

For backward compatibility, NeoTicker® supports Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), which can be used with Excel and all DDE compatible software.

Using Excel as a Data Source

NeoTicker has built-in functions to access data originated in Excel. Such data can be utilized in indicator calculations, producing user defined symbols, etc.

Excel can also be specified as a real-time streaming data source for NeoTicker. Making it easy to collect and save data that you can only access through Excel from one or multiple sources.

Export Data Directly into Excel

Excel integration is done throughout NeoTicker. One click export is supported in the following areas:

  • Charts
  • Quote windows
  • Pattern Scanner
  • Scan Workshop
  • Within indicator and trading system scripts
  • Performance reports
  • Optimizer
  • and many more …
Misc. Features
Sophisticated Screen Capture Capability

NeoTicker® comes with a sophisticated screen capturing tool to make publishing your work easy. You can capture desktop and windows, and save the image to local file or send it to an FTP server. Screen capturing tool is multiple monitor friendly and can handle the most tricky monitor arrangement.

Feature Highlights

  • Windows and desktop capture
  • Save to local file and/or send to FTP server
  • PNG, GIF, JPEG and BMP support
  • Flexible file naming scheme
  • Fit to preview and actual size preview

Multiple Monitor Friendly

multiplemonitorWe know how traders trade in real-life. You need web browsers, spreadsheets, analytical programs and order interface to perform effectively.

NeoTicker® is designed to display free floating windows that can be placed in multiple monitors with high flexibility. Flexible placement means you do not need to keep switching between programs because one program is blocking the view of the others.

NeoTicker®’s window placement flexibility means you can focus better, react faster and trade more effectively.

managinggroups_w250More Charts, Managed Better

Do you subscribe to a data service that gives you hundreds of symbols? Are you using your service to its full potential?

Most charting programs simply break down with a few more charts loaded, so you end up displaying most of the data in simple quote sheet.

With NeoTicker®, you can effortlessly handle 100+ real-time updating charts, empowering you the ability to monitor as many markets as you like.

With NeoTicker®, you can utilize your data service to its full potential.

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Trading System Development & Automated Trading

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NeoTicker® provides a rich and robust development and deployment environment for trading system writers. Trading systems written in NeoTicker® can be used to trade stocks, futures and Forex directly with a brokerage.

NeoTicker® provides all the features you expect in a comprehensive trading system platform and there are eight elements that make developing trading systems in NeoTicker® truly stands out:

  • Rich set of trading system methods
  • Impossible to peek into the future
  • Choice of development environments
  • High level development
  • Testing with historical tick data
  • Rule-based and grid optimization
  • Accountable and dependable deployment
  • Top quality support

Rich Set of Trading System Methods

NeoTicker® provides an extensive set of methods for placing orders with different TIF (Time In Force). An order can be set to good ’til cancel, or set to fill or kill. With good ’til cancel orders, you do not have to write extra logic in the trading system to replace an order if it cannot be filled.

Once an order is filled a transaction is generated and logged in a database. The transactions can be referenced by the same trading system. So it is possible for a trading system to base trading decisions on previous transactions.

All orders, transactions and position methods have extension for portfolio trading. When a portfolio trading system is running, it has access to all symbols at the same time. There is no need to manually switch symbols in a portfolio trading system before applying indicators, placing orders, etc. Portfolio trading system code is easy to write and easy to understand.

Impossible to Peek into the Future

atthepointNeoTicker® trading systems use at-the-point evaluation. When you write a trading system, your focus is on the most current bar, with past data available in read-only form, and future data completely blocked out.

At-the-point evaluation is important for ensuring the quality of a complex trading system. Many products allow trading system to have access to future data and relying on programmer discipline to not peeking. This is a dangerous practice because programming errors can cause future information leaking into the logic of the trading system, making the whole trading system unsound.

If you expect to write non-trivial trading systems, or if you expect your trading systems to be reviewed by peers, at-the-point evaluation is a must have feature.

Choice of Development Environment

NeoTicker® separates trading system processing from the development environment. You can choose your preferred development environment that best fits your task on hand.

You can develop trading systems in:

  • Backtest EZ – a non-programming tool for rapid prototyping
  • Formula – NeoTicker®’s own formula language is easy-to-use and lightening fast
  • Scripts – NeoTicker® supports a variety of scripting languages for full programming power
  • External development environments – You can use an external development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio or Borland Delphi to develop trading systems, with full access to NeoTicker® data and services via IDL interface. NeoTicker® supports both COM and Microsoft .NET 2.0

High Level Development

With NeoTicker®, you will save development time. NeoTicker® comes with a large collection of trading related tools and ample trading system examples. So you will be productive immediately.

More importantly, building on top of NeoTicker®’s proven framework makes the quality of your trading system higher. You can focus on the aspect that matters most – the logic that makes your trading system tick. You don’t have to worry if some low level code is functioning properly.

Some of the benefits includes:

  • Access to 200+ built-in indicators
  • Access to a rich set of trading related functions
  • Advanced features such as compress series, tick replay, indicator-on-indicator

Testing with Historical and Real-time Tick Data

Most programs limit you to test trading systems with historical data of the same time frame, e.g. if your trading system is designed to trade on 5-minute bars, you can only test the trading system with 5-minute historical bars. Historical bars by their nature do not capture the complete dynamics in a real-time market. Consequently, testing results based on historical bars can only provide a very rough picture on how a system will perform in real-life.

NeoTicker® innovates the idea of testing trading systems with historical and real-time tick data. When testing with tick data, ticks are sent to a trading system and the trading system will react to the data on a tick-by-tick basis, identical to the situation when the trading system is running in real-life.

This is the most realistic way to test trading systems. It provides the highest quality testing results and gives you better insights into your trading systems that you cannot gain from traditional historical bar testing.

Ruled Based and Grid Optimization

Finally, a true breakthrough in optimization technology. NeoTicker®’s Grid Optimizer works on high level rules, rather than simple numeric ranges. Optimization rules enables you to optimize on diverse parameters like time frames, trading time, formulas and strings. With such diverse rules, there is a whole new universe of trading strategies to explore.

Grid Optimizer’s Smart Search is an adaptive algorithm that can search through parameter space intelligently, converging quickly to a solution. Unlike other technologies, Smart Search does not require you to rewrite your trading system to utilize it.

Grid Optimizer is built using grid computing technology. You can spread cases to multiple computers to optimize. With two computers, your optimization speed doubles. With four computers, your optimization speed quadruples, and so on. With grid optimization, you are no longer limited by the speed of a single computer. You can now cover a lot more cases in a practical way to discover the best trading strategy.

Accountable and Dependable Deployment

transactionorientedWhen you need to deploy your trading system in real-time, NeoTicker® is an accountable and dependable platform.

We worked with leading brokerages so your trading system can send orders directly to your trading account. Before an order is sent, NeoTicker® logs the order in a database. When your broker fills the order, NeoTicker® will receive an update and logs the transaction in the database.

Having a database means you have the facility to query and trace discrepancy between trading system trades and actual trades. With NeoTicker®, you can easily identify deployment problems and correct them.

NeoTicker® is designed from ground up with real-time processing in mind. Ticks are reliably and efficiently delivered to trading systems. NeoTicker® uses a scalable architecture when evaluating trading systems in real-time to ensure the whole platform can handle the intensiveness of real-time data and complex trading systems.

We understand you invest a lot of time on writing trading systems. So we provide a platform that can carry it out for you in real-life.

Top Quality Support

Many companies today rely on call centers to handle the bulk of support calls. In our view, this is the wrong approach to handle any complex issues. Do you really expect call center staffs to resolve your trading system issues?

With TickQuest, you are not dealing with a mass market company. NeoTicker® is a premium trading software and comes with the support and service only a dedicated software company can provide.

We work closely with you to make your automated trading system work. Support questions are handled by competent staffs in a timely manner.

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